Understand storage classes, lifecycle management, and access control policies & permissions on GCS

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Key subtopics we will cover

  • Storage classes on GCS
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Access control policies and permissions


Please follow the steps below to create a bucket on google cloud storage and upload our test object which we will be using going forward. The demo below is sufficient. However, if you will like to understand this process in more detail, please read…

Understand cloud storage concepts and how to use them on google cloud.

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What is Google Cloud Storage?

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is a type of object storage offered by Google. But then, what is object storage you may ask. Object storage is a type of storage service that stores data in the form of objects or blobs. These objects are usually uniquely identifiable by an addressable URL. It is also one of the 4 main categories of storage services provided by most public cloud providers. Other types of storage services include File Storage, Block Storage, and Caches.

Learn how to easily setup slack integrations for your GCB CI/CD apps

Google Cloud Build Slack Notification Flow Diagram
  • You already use GCB as your CI/CD platform of choice for one or more of your applications.
  • You Intend to use GCB for an app you are building or intend to build in the future
  • You have heard a bit about GCB but haven't used it before or don’t even know what GCB is.

A must-read for early-stage startup founders & tech teams

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As an early-stage founder or tech team manager, your ability to carefully vet and select the right tools early on can save you thousands of dollars now and for the long term.

With the plethora of tools in the market aimed at addressing these problems, a few stand out and do exceptionally well…

How you can avoid the loop completely

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Source: Google

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Terminal showing current git branch on Mac OSX

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What is this Docker?

The word “Docker” is something you may have heard in a technology discussion, book or even a blog somewhere. But what does it really mean you may ask. By the end of this post, My goal is that you have a solid understanding of what Docker is and can flow with the discussion when next you hear it.

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Google Cloud Architect, Software Engineer & SRE 🕴

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