Learn how to easily setup slack integrations for your GCB CI/CD apps

Google Cloud Build Slack Notification Flow Diagram

Note: We will abbreviate Google Cloud Build as GCB for the rest of this post to keep it clean.

If you are reading this, then you probably fall in one of the 3 categories below:

For the sake of those that fall in the third category…

A must-read for early-stage startup founders & tech teams

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Running a startup in 2021 comes with its own set of challenges and misfortunes. Now that majority of people work remotely and are no longer confined to physical office spaces, a new set of challenges involving productivity, communication, efficiency, and decision-making has become more pressing than ever.

As an early-stage founder or tech team manager, your ability to carefully vet and select the right tools early on can save you thousands of dollars now and for the long term.

With the plethora of tools in the market aimed at addressing these problems, a few stand out and do exceptionally well…

How you can avoid the loop completely

I recently had to let go of a developer working with me for over 5 months after countless efforts to make them see the development world in a new light.

After putting my thoughts together, I’ve decided to share some insights on what differentiates an average developer a.k.a “terrible” from the great ones a.k.a “awesome”.

Thoughts expressed here are solely mine and have formed over the years from working with several developers across multiple projects with varying scope and timelines.

Now, let's get to it.

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There are 6 essential things that easily differentiates an awesome developer from a terrible…


In this post, i highlight in detail how to set up your own development environment in the cloud using Google Cloud Shell and the overwhelming benefits of doing so.

Src: Google

With constant improvements in technology, computing power continues to grow at a geometric progression. According to the famous Moore’s law, computing power will double every 2 years while the cost of computers will continue to reduce. This is very true. However, despite this, the costs of obtaining a highly efficient computer system suitable for the disk and memory-hungry applications we run today is still far fetched :(

But here's the…

A step by step outline of the approach, study plan and resources on how I got GCP Certified in less than 4 weeks

Source: Google

If you are like me, you have always wanted to get that shiny Cloud Certification, whether Google, AWS, Azure, or whichever rocks your boat.

For me, it was Google Cloud. I took particular interest in its product offerings and why many professionals believe it to be a superior cloud provider to its counterparts.

It is true that certifications don’t equate knowledge, but they have their place and time also. …

Latency tests reveal in-memory cache storage is over 80times faster than HDDs.


In programming and computer science, finding the optimal way to store and retrieve data is a great concern. While there are many different types of storage systems, choosing the best one often times depends on your unique use case.

Image source: http://i.imgur.com/k0t1e.png


This post aims to highlight and compare different storage devices and give optimal recommendations based on use cases and limitations of proceeding with each.

As the title suggests, cache memory is 80times faster than Hard Disk Storage. but why, you may ask? or how? please read on.

Ever finished working on that shiny new feature or making that little code update only to commit your code and discover you did so in the wrong git branch?

Whether you are an experienced developer or a newbie, you must’ve had times like this. And if you haven’t, you will; soon enough. Well, not if you do what I’m about to show you below or decide to go with a GUI based version control system (personally, I dislike them ).

Terminal showing current git branch on Mac OSX

The image above is a screenshot of how my terminal looks when I’m working on any git-based project. Take note…

A beginner's guide to understanding what Docker is and what it is not.

source: https://docker.com

What is this Docker?

The word “Docker” is something you may have heard in a technology discussion, book or even a blog somewhere. But what does it really mean you may ask. By the end of this post, My goal is that you have a solid understanding of what Docker is and can flow with the discussion when next you hear it.

To begin with, Docker is an open-source tool that makes building, running and sharing containerized applications easier. But one may ask “What then is a containerized application? …


This post highlights the steps needed to recover access to your AWS EC2 Instance after loosing or misplacing your ssh .pem key-pair file

AWS instance access with a private key. Credit: amazon.com
AWS instance access with a private key. Credit: amazon.com
Showing access to an Amazon EC2 instance using a private key. credit: amazon.com

What is a key-pair file?

If you are asking this yourself, then maybe this post is not the right one for you. However, a key-pair is a combination of a public and private key. Amazon EC2 uses public-key cryptography to encrypt and decrypt login information.

Very often people lost access to their AWS EC2 Instances. This can happen for many different reasons such as switching to a new computer, losing one’s files, becoming responsible for someone…

If you have never experienced a Data Breach, you may be unaware of the importance and benefits of having a real-time database replication/backup configured on your database servers.

First off, let's begin by understanding what a Database Replication means and the scope of this post.

Database replication is a process of copying (syncing) data from a database on one server (the master server) to a database on another server (the slave server). …

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